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Akamai Report DNS Activities Totals

Report DNS Activities Totals

Akamai Report DNS Activity Time Series

Report DNS Activity Time Series

AWS Auto Scaling Describe Scaling Activities

Describes one or more scaling activities for the specified Auto Scaling group

AWS Pinpoint Campaign Activities

Returns information about the activity performed by a campaign, such as the time during which the campaign ran and the number of endpoints to which it delivered messages

Expedia Infosite/Details

Lx Details Search

G Suite Get Activity

Returns a list of activities visible to the current logged in user

Google Apps Admin SDK Get Activities

Retrieves a list of activities for a specific customer and application

Google Apps Admin SDK Change Activity

Push changes to activities

Yammer Get View Activities

Get View Activities

YouTube Get Activities

Returns a list of channel activity events that match the request criteria

YouTube Parameters Activities

Parameters activities

YouTube Add Activities

Posts a bulletin for a specific channel

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